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Being able to analyse and report on your marketing activity is absolutely essential if you want to improve and get the best returns possible. That’s where Analytics and Google Tag Manager come in.

Data is our playground; we’re experts when it comes to Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager and we also use a variety of other paid-for industry tools to help us build a complete picture of how well your website and marketing efforts are working. From there, we use these insights to determine what you can do to increase quality traffic and conversions — whether that’s sales, qualified leads, or specific on-site goals.

Using our market-leading reporting scheme, we’re able to give you easy-to-understand, actionable intelligence on any metric you ask us for (and we’re also happy to teach you how to find things out for yourself, too).

01. Google Analytics (GA) Implementation

As useful as Analytics data can be, it’s essential that your account is set up correctly with the right structure and filters in place, otherwise you’re going to be making business decisions based on inaccurate data which can be a very expensive mistake to make!

Our inhouse Analytics experts will set up your Analytics account based on an understanding of your business so the data you’re seeing is accurate and reliable; measuring what your business needs to track, not just what comes standard in the box.

02. Google Tag Manager (GTM) Implementation

Google Tag Manager makes it easy to implement tracking and code on your website with no development cost. Instead of deploying code across multiple pages on a large site to track a particular action or submission, you can use GTM to track it across the site with a single rule, making it a no-brainer for large sites and especially valuable for eCommerce tracking. Our team are experienced in setting up GTM on small and large sites. We can help you configure the rules you need and set up 3rd party tracking so you can easily track what’s important for your business.

03. Analytics Review

If you’ve already got Google Analytics set up, we can review your account structure to make sure that the information being reported is reliable and accurate. As part of the process, we’ll make sure you’re using the most up-to-date tracking code on your site, ensure that all pages of your site are being tracked correctly, make sure you’ve got the right filters in place so you’re only reporting on authentic site traffic and even help set up multi-channel attribution so you can use Analytics to see which of your marketing channels are delivering the biggest returns.

04. Custom Reporting

Google Analytics can quickly become a rabbit hole; it’s easy to get bogged down exploring all the information available, regardless of how useful it actually is for you. We know you’ve got better things to do with your time, which is why we created our market-leading reporting scheme. All our clients receive custom reports which pull data dynamically from Analytics and any other important data sources with integrated APIs. We set up these reports to only report on the metrics that are important to your business, presented in an easy-to-digest, interactive report that gives you what you need to know in black and white.

Why Common Ground?

While it is easy to look at Analytics agencies and compare service and cost, what you’ll get working with us is much more than that.

  1. More leads and increased revenue
  2. A measurable return on investment
  3. Access to years of digital experience
  4. Our guarantee that experts will work on your project
  5. An understanding of digital marketing that goes beyond the task
  6. An extended team for a fraction of the cost of employing them
  7. Your time back to spend time in other priority areas
  8. An investment in your business
  9. Increased performance which will have an ongoing impact
  10. Reassurance of working with an agency with proven results

Common Ground really know their stuff and have the knack of making the complex digital marketing arena accessible and relevant. They also get the commercial part of doing business. I’ve no hesitation in recommending them

Head of Marketing - Miele UK
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