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Having worked agency-side for a long time, we understand the challenges agencies face. Whether you’re a marketing agency yourself and it’s an issue of capacity and delivering to deadline, or maybe you’re a design & development, creative, or PR agency wanting to extend your service offering to meet a client’s needs — sometimes you can really do with a helping hand. At the same time, when you’ve invested so much time and effort in a client, it’s natural to want to retain visibility and control over the standard of work being delivered, especially when it’s part of a bigger marketing project and it’s your reputation that hangs in the balance.

The key is finding people with the right expertise who you can trust to deliver the right work, on time, every time. That’s where our Agency Support services come in — we’ve been helping other agencies for a long time, and we’re still partnered with every single agency we’ve ever supported — so you can trust we’re doing something right.

We appreciate you’re putting your reputation into our hands, which is why our partnership and white-label services are designed with full transparency in mind, along with the flexibility for you to retain full control. We’ll bring our experience and expertise into your environment and work however suits you best, delivering reliable work, on time and to your standards and brief.

As an agency, you have access to our our full range of digital marketing services in-part or in-full for your clients, with the same commercial approach that we stand by for our own clients. And it’s not just about delivering work once it’s already through the door. We can also work with you to determine what services your clients actually need and that will provide them with the biggest returns and then support you through the sales process — helping you to win bigger projects and then supporting you in delivering and measuring them.

White Labelling

Think of this option as buying the in-house expertise you need to deliver the project, without any of the ongoing investment. We will provide our expert knowledge, skills and tools as a white labelled product you can then offer to your clients as your own. All of the documents will come with your own branding, and we’ll use any templates you already have; as far as your clients are concerned, you are the ones supplying the service. If you ever do need us to liaise directly with the client about any work, we’ll do it under your brand and you’ll always have full transparency.


If you have a defined service offering and the support clients are looking for doesn’t fall within your remit, bringing us in as a trusted partner might be the best solution for everyone. As part of a partnership, we will work closely with you to offer your clients a complementary service offering to the work you’re already doing. They will be aware that Common Ground is involved in their project, but it will always be strictly as an addition to your work for them in order to provide them with the best solution. We will be available for pitches and meetings if required and can liaise directly with client where appropriate (while keeping you in the loop).


If you’re currently low on capacity and think you’ll struggle delivering a project to standard or to deadline, then we’re happy to come in and help take some of the weight from your shoulders. Whether it’s a technical audit or keyword research, we can deliver work to your own agency’s standards, in your own branded templates. Think of our outsourcing services as an extension of your digital marketing team, as and when you need us.


We understand that referrals aren’t to be taken lightly. When a client asks you for a recommendation, we appreciate that you’re putting your reputation on the line the same as if you were bringing in external support. If you’re interested in referring work to us, we’re happy to go through the way we work in more detail, as well as provide insights into the services we offer, so that you can be confident that your referrals are going to be looked after.

Why Common Ground?

While it is easy to look at agencies or freelancers and compare their support services and cost, what you’ll get working with us is much more than that.

  1. You will be able to expand your service offering without the investment of time, hiring and training
  2. You will be able to offer your clients a more complete service and showcase awareness of a bigger picture
  3. You won’t lose out to competitors who offer services you don’t
  4. We keep up to date with all of the latest trends and best-practice so you don’t have to
  5. You’ll only pay for the expertise you need, when you need it
  6. We have established processes and documents already in place but can also work to your own
  7. We can support your sales team in pitching SEO & PPC services
  8. We’ll use our market leading tools and software without you having to pay the cost of subscription
  9. We’ll never compete with you — we will happily sign NDAs and non-compete clauses
  10. Peace of mind — We’ve been supporting agencies for donkey’s years, and we’re still working with each and every one

Working with Common Ground has been a pleasure, their work is always of an incredibly high standard. They have a great attention to detail, never miss deadlines and are hugely reliable. They know their craft incredibly well and I would happily recommend them to anyone looking for incredibly experienced and knowledgeable, technical SEO resource

Kirsty HulseManyminds – Founder
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