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Consulting is at the heart of what we do at Common Ground.

Whether you have an internal digital marketing team, or you’ve outsourced digital marketing to separate specialist agencies or freelancers, we can help pull all the pieces together and work with you to develop your business’ overarching digital marketing strategy. This typically involves a review of where you currently are, understanding where we believe you can get to, and then putting together a plan that outlines what needs to happen to get you there.

01. Strategy Creation

Our comprehensive digital marketing strategies are designed to support the growth of your business as a whole, rather than focusing on platforms or services in isolation. We’ll work with you to understand your business goals and then use insights from reviewing your budget & performance, as well as an understanding of your target audiences, to create an integrated digital marketing strategy that’s tailored to your business. We’ll also implement tracking and reporting, so you can measure and account for the return of all your digital activity.

02. Campaign Strategy

Got a major event or promotion coming up? Or just want to run a one-off campaign to take awareness of your brand to the next level? We love combining our strategic approach with creativity and the two are a perfect match when developing digital campaigns. We’ll work with you to understand exactly what you’re trying to achieve, what the KPIs are, and then come up with a creative concept and implementation plan to turn it into a reality. And, if you need help putting it all together, we can work with your internal team and also recruit necessary suppliers to put the wheels in motion.

03. Budget & Performance Review

Our initial budget review will look at your overall digital marketing budget and how much you’re currently allocating to each individual channel, team or agency. Based on this, we’ll produce ambitious, but realistic targets that teams should be working towards with clear KPIs. We’ll also put systems in place to help you easily monitor each team and channel’s performance so you can ensure you’re putting your money where you’re getting the biggest return.

04. Audience Grouping

We’ll help you identify and understand your your different target audiences, as well as how best to reach and engage with them online. We can review these audience groups against your current activity, making sure existing campaigns are targeting the right audiences, through the right channels, with the right messages. Implementation of tracking can also help us assess which audience groups are most engaged and generating the highest returns.

Why Common Ground?

While it is easy to look at Digital Marketing Agencies and compare service and cost, what you’ll get working with us is much more than that.

  1. More leads and increased revenue
  2. A measurable return on investment
  3. Access to years of digital experience
  4. Our guarantee that experts will work on your project
  5. An understanding of digital marketing that goes beyond the task
  6. An extended team for a fraction of the cost of employing them
  7. Your time back to spend time in other priority areas
  8. An investment in your business
  9. Increased performance which will have an ongoing impact
  10. Reassurance of working with an agency with proven results

Common Ground really know their stuff and have the knack of making the complex digital marketing arena accessible and relevant. They also get the commercial part of doing business. I’ve no hesitation in recommending them

Head of Marketing - Miele UK
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