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Whether you want to up-skill your team to assist with implementation for an existing project with us, or you’re just looking for digital training for your team as a stand-alone service, our industry experts can provide bespoke training for individuals and in-house or agency teams of any size, tailored to your specific business and your staff’s specific role requirements.

We want your business to succeed online, so we don’t believe in holding back or keeping ” trade secrets” to ourselves — we’re completely transparent in how we deliver work for our clients, and this extends to our training too. What we train your team is what we train ours, to the same high-standard.

When we say completely bespoke, we mean it. There’s no rules or restrictions, no pre-created training agendas and we want you to very much be a part of the creation process. Our industry specialists will work with you or your team leaders to understand your business and industry, working out exactly what topics you need the training to cover, who will be in attendance and what format will work best — be that one-to-one sessions, small groups, or rotations. We’ll then flesh out the agenda and present this back to you for you to provide feedback and make sure it ticks all the boxes before we deliver it, which we’re happy to do at your premises or host you at our offices in central Oxford.

We stand by our training being hands-on, practical and actionable, so we make sure we use relevant, live examples from your industry and website to make sure you or your team go back to work more confident and able.

01. SEO Training

We promise SEO is not the scary enigma it’s often made out to be. Regardless of your team’s experience or skill level, or if you’re a local company or international brand, we can tailor our SEO training to help your team better understand SEO and the basics of what will make your website friendly for both users and search engines, be able to confidently implement changes that will make an immediate difference to your site, or focus on advanced technical diagnostics, tools and tactics that will take your site’s performance to the next level.

02. PPC Training

When set up and managed well, paid advertising can be one of the most effective ways of driving targeted traffic and leads to your website. In our PPC training, we can cover how to set up, optimise, manage, and track each platform (AdWords, Bing, Twitter, FB, LinkedIn, Instagram, AdRoll, etc.) to get the best return on your ad spend. More importantly, we’ll equip your team with the understanding they need to develop a PPC strategy and know how to decide which platforms willl drive the best results for each specific campaign.

03. Analytics Training

There is so much information that you can access through analytics, it can easily become an overwhelming rabbit hole! Whether you’ve never looked at Analytics data before, or you’ve got the fundamentals down and you want to learn more, our Analytics training can help you understand what information is available from analytics, how to distinguish what information your business actually needs and how to access this information and interpret it to enable you to make better informed decisions and take action.

04. Content Training

Often, the best people to create content for your company are the people who know your business inside and out. We can help train your team in the specifics of writing effectively for the web, on-page content considerations, and what makes up a successful content marketing campaign. Beyond this understanding, we’ll equip them with the know-how and toolkit needed to brainstorm, qualify, produce and promote content that will work within your industry and engage your audience.

Why Common Ground?

While it is easy to look at Digital Marketing training courses and workshops and compare costs, what you’ll get working with us is much more than that.

  1. Content tailored to your team’s knowledge and skill level
  2. Live, working examples from within your business or industry
  3. Industry experts leading the training, with years of hands-on experience
  4. Flexibility in how and where we deliver the training to suit you
  5. We don’t hold back, we’ll train your team to the same standard we train ours
  6. A practical approach so your team can leave confident and prepared in their roles
  7. Reassurance of working with an agency with proven results & training experience
  8. An investment in your staff and your business

Common Ground have the perfect balance of technical skills, commercial awareness and just being an easy company to work with. They’re clear about what needs to be done, professional in how they deliver work and they just get stuff done when they say they will. Perhaps the easiest way to recommend is to say when I need help with a range of digital marketing challenges, Common Ground is generally first on the list to call

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