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Our Oxford PPC services will help magnify your audience with an instant presence in search and social feeds

Oxford PPC services designed to get you better returns

PPC offers control, scalability and immediacy that you just can’t get with organic search. This means instant presence where it matters, driving the right traffic to your site.

At Common Ground, we have in-house, certified PPC consultants whose sole jobs are to manage and continually optimise your campaigns to get your Oxford Business the best return on ad spend (ROAS), and reduce your cost per acquisition (CPA).

We start all our PPC projects for Oxford businesses by setting up conversion tracking, so we can track and measure exactly what return paid traffic is generating on your site. This means you can make better informed business decisions around budget and performance, and we can ensure your PPC activity is paying for itself.

01. Google AdWords for Oxford Businesses

AdWords is one of the biggest online advertising platforms in the world. Used intelligently, it can provide both instant presence within the search results for specific search queries and, more importantly, instant returns. But, if AdWords isn’t set-up and optimised correctly, you’re unlikely to see a return and can end up wasting your marketing budget — we don’t want to see that happen.

Our PPC consultants are AdWords certified and will work with you to review or set up your AdWords account properly and design the most effective campaigns to maximise returns for your business, whether that’s only running ads during specified times of day when you’re able to take calls, or to users in target locations on specific devices. And we won’t stop there — we’ll continue to monitor and optimise your accounts and campaigns to make sure your return on investment continues to increase over time, covering our service cost, your ad spend, and then some!

02. Social Media Advertising for Oxford Businesses

If getting your brand or message in front of a highly-targeted audience is your goal, then social media advertising can provide the best opportunity with much more effective targeting than AdWords. It can also be a good alternative if you’re finding your target keywords too competitive.

The extensive reams of data held by social media platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn allows us to be laser-targeted in who we show your ads to. On Facebook and Instagram, this means getting your brand in front of users of your target demographics, who have interests your brand falls into and who live in your target areas. On LinkedIn, this means getting your message in front of professionals in certain countries or cities, holding specific positions in your target sectors. We also use ad sets to tailor the design and messaging of your ads to ensure they’re ultra-relevant to the user based on what we know about them, increasing engagement and conversions.

03. Display Advertising for Oxford Businesses

Online advertising is not just for appearing in search results or in users’ social media feeds. Using the Google Display Network, we can show ads on relevant websites directing people to your content by targeting keywords, demographic data, interests and categories, as well as selecting specific sites.

We’ll typically start by creating a specific list of target websites based on where your audience are likely to visit, as well as competitors’ sites if they’re available. We’ll then manually review the quality of the available sites before we narrow down the target audience using specific demographic insights of your target users. This means we get your target audience’s attention when they’re already browsing similar content and are hungry for more.

04. Remarketing

Just because a user has abandoned your website before converting doesn’t mean they’re lost forever. Remarketing is ad targeting based on people having visited your site before, or who you have details of held in an email list. When done strategically, remarketing can be an effective way of targeting users who have shown an interest in your product/service but at the time weren’t quite ready to convert, keeping your product or service front of mind while they consider their options.

05. PPC Audits

Have you been running your own AdWords and Social Media Advertising campaigns or have you had another agency looking after them for you? If you think that your paid advertising should be generating a better return we can help you find out. Our PPC audits are designed for us to come in and objectively review how your accounts are set up and how your campaigns are currently performing. We’ll highlight if any mistakes have been made (and what needs to be done to fix them) and we’ll also come up with ways to make your successful campaigns work even better for you to increase returns and reduce spend. That might be through introducing more negative keywords to make sure you’re not paying for the wrong traffic, or altering your targeting/keyword match types.

06. Integrated Campaigns

We strongly believe that PPC is one piece of a bigger marketing puzzle and that it works best when you have other marketing activity happening alongside. Our PPC strategies are designed to integrate into and support all of your other channels: whether that’s SEO, organic social activity, PR, direct mail and email marketing. And, if you want help creating an overarching digital marketing strategy that offers the best returns from all your channels, or reviewing the returns from your strategies currently in place, we can absolutely help with that too.

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Why Common Ground?

While it is easy to look at PPC Agencies in Oxford and compare service and cost, what you’ll get working with us is much more than that.

  1. More leads and increased revenue
  2. A measurable return on investment from our PPC services
  3. Access to years of digital experience
  4. Our guarantee that Paid Media experts will work on your project
  5. An understanding of PPC that goes beyond the task
  6. An extended team for a fraction of the cost of employing them
  7. Your time back to spend time in other priority areas
  8. An investment in your business
  9. Increased performance which will have an ongoing impact
  10. Reassurance of working with an agency with proven results

The experts in SEO and PPC, Common Ground are very knowledgeable and results-driven.
They are meticulous in their work and it’s been great to have them support my role, which is enhanced by excellent account management.

Digital Marketing Executive - Veolia Water Technologies
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