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We see SEO as a means of securing top-quality traffic — helping Oxford businesses reach the right audience when they’re actively looking for your products or services, even if they’ve never heard of your brand. Done right, your organic visibility helped by our SEO services will continue to develop over time, providing sustainable results and improved performance for your Oxford based business.

As an agency, we don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach, so we tailor all of our SEO campaigns for Oxford businesses to your budget and goals. We also take a ruthlessly commercial approach to all our search campaigns and, where most agencies focus purely on rankings, traffic and visibility metrics, we build on this to report on the actual value this traffic has on growing your business through qualified lead generation or sales. This means we account for every penny you spend with us.

01. Local SEO for Oxford Businesses

If you’re a local business here in Oxford, then there’s no point optimising your site to target the whole country! Your customers will be looking for products and services close to them, so you need to focus your SEO and link-building approach to target location specific searches and listings – otherwise, your competitors will win every time. Our local SEO campaigns for Oxford Businesses are designed to get you found by exactly the right people, in exactly the right places, at exactly the right time.

02. Technical SEO

Technical SEO is the backbone of every successful search marketing campaign and provides the solid foundation for everything you do moving forward. We want your website to perform like a well-oiled machine, so at the start of every SEO project we’ll thoroughly investigate your site’s backend to ensure everything is set up properly and working as it should so your website doesn’t hold you back. And, if your website is set to scale with the growth of your Oxford based business, we will provide the ongoing technical SEO support you need to make sure your site continues to perform as efficiently as possible.

03. SEO Audits

We have yet to come across a website which is 100% optimised for search. Whether your site is brand new, or it has been up since Yahoo was bigger than Google, we’ll go through it with a fine tooth comb and evaluate your technical implementation, content and link profile, to identify all of the issues which are holding you back. We won’t stop there either, we’ll also create a specific action plan and priority list for you to get them fixed. If you need support making the changes, we’ll be happy to implement the fixes for you. Alternatively, we can help train your team so you’re better equipped to make changes inhouse.

04. Site Builds & Migration Support

If you’re building a new website for your brand, we’ll work with your design and development teams through all stages of the discovery, design, build and launch process to make sure SEO is considered every step of the way. We can help define the sitemap, identify content requirements, profile your audience as well as make technical SEO suggestions to ensure your site is optimised for search from the get-go. If you’re not building a new site but need to migrate your existing site from one platform, host or domain to another, we’ll make sure that switches are done correctly so that you don’t lose unecessary traffic and rankings.

05. International SEO

Just because you’re ranking in the UK doesn’t mean you’re ranking in Google’s search results abroad. If you’re expanding your business to target new markets around the world we can help ensure your website is optimised for international search. We’ll advise on changes to your site-structure and help you to introduce multiple language versions, localise content, and implement international technical configurations, such as hreflang.

06. Link Building & Digital PR

High quality links to your website are more important than ever and remain one of the most effective ways to increase your site’s ranking and visibility. These days, it’s very much a matter of quality over quantity, and the wrong links can do more harm than good. We don’t take shortcuts — we think about link opportunities that add value to users, and use digital PR tactics to produce and promote quality content campaigns that result in relevant and sustainable high-quality backlinks to your domain.

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Why Common Ground?

While it is easy to look at SEO Agencies in Oxford and compare service and cost, what you’ll get working with us is much more than that.

  1. More leads and increased revenue
  2. A measurable return on investment you Oxford SEO
  3. Access to years of digital experience
  4. Our guarantee that SEO experts will work on your project
  5. An understanding of SEO that goes beyond the task
  6. An extended team for a fraction of the cost of employing them
  7. Your time back to spend time in other priority areas
  8. An investment in your business
  9. Increased performance which will have an ongoing impact
  10. Reassurance of working with an Oxford SEO agency with proven results

We have enjoyed working with Common Ground, and have found their support helpful in navigating the complexities of the SEO world. As a small venture in Oxford, we value the guidance and advice Common Ground has given us across the field, from the high-level strategic planning through to the granular technical detail. We would be pleased to recommend them for companies looking to better understand what they can do to boost their SEO efforts."

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