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How we used SEO to help increase Customer Thermometer’s trial signups by 53%

Customer Thermometer is a customer feedback SaaS tool that embeds a simple, one-click survey in emails and offers best-in-industry response rates.



Increase in year-on-year trial sign ups from organic search


Increase in year-on-year organic search traffic


Increase in the number of relevant terms ranking in positions 1-3

Working with Common ground has been such a refreshing experience. I feel they actually understand our business and focus on achieving the results that matter to us - not just the ones that sound good in a report. They have been transparent and accountable in every action they’ve taken for us, and are genuinely invested in helping our business grow. We’re very pleased with the results and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them.

CEO - Customer Thermometer

The Brief:

Competing against major players in the survey market, Customer Thermometer called on us to support them in increasing their organic performance across key search terms for their core geographies. 

With a strong trial-to-paid conversion rate, the end goal was to increase free trial sign-ups from organic traffic and let the superb product do the rest! 

The Challenge:

The survey market is dominated by large legacy players such as Survey Monkey and Survey Gizmo; we were aware that Customer Thermometer was a newer name in the space, so we knew we’d be targeting users who weren’t yet familiar with the brand.

To make things more interesting, Customer Thermometer weren’t running any online advertising to help drive traffic to the site, believing it wasn’t the most effective use of spend at the time. This meant there was a huge reliance on organic search to carry its weight across all stages of the customer journey: from general brand awareness through to the trial signup, without support from other marketing channels.

From the get-go, Common Ground has been proactive in suggesting how we can get the best results from SEO. It’s clear their approach wasn’t just a one-size-fits-all solution: When we discussed the strategy and approach they suggested taking, we could tell the team had thought carefully about the direction we wanted to take Customer Thermometer and how they could support our growth — it’s nice to have a partner who you can trust has your best interests at heart and we have no doubt that’s true with Common Ground.

CEO - Customer Thermometer

The Results:

Working with our client, we’ve helped achieve a 150% increase in organic search since Customer Thermometer brought us on board in August 2017.

We’ve dramatically improved Customer Thermometer’s brand visibility in the SERPS, doubling the number of keywords that they’re appearing for across both the core geographies. We focused on growing the number of first page results and have achieved a 136% increase in the number of keywords for which Customer Thermometer appear in the top 3 results and a 186% increase in the number of keywords where they rank in positions 4-10.

Most importantly, the organic traffic we’re driving through to Customer Thermometer is actively engaging with the product. Trial sign-ups from organic traffic increased 53% year-on-year from when we started on the project, and they continue to grow.

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